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Professional Packing Services

You are about to move, but is it giving you stress? No need to be alone: ​​a full service moving expert can help you with the preparation, completion and finalization of your move.

Everything you are worrying about can be included in your move.  With our custom full service packages, we go down the list from A to Z!

With a typical move, you will decide what services you want and which ones you want to leave out and do yourself.  Many companies offer various services, from the classic full-service move to rental of vehicles and equipment for complete or partial removal.

Charter Van Line’s full service packages include pre-packaging, dismantling and reassembly of furniture, moving assistance with professional movers, transporting pianos or heavy loads, etc.  Here is a look at a full service moving package:

commercial relocation

Charter Van Lines offers a variety of full service moving options!

movers and packers

Our packing services are custom built to your relocation needs.

corporate moving

Charter Van Lines is a team of versatile professionals.  We can tailor our full service options to meet your needs.

Professional packing and crating

Here your belongings are individually wrapped using specific packaging materials. For objects such as crystal and porcelain, meticulous packaging will be done safely. We have experienced craftsmen movers and advanced equipment to ensure your move is completed quickly and with respect to your property and valuables.

We are versatile professionals and offer additional services to meet all requests: furniture storage with surveillance and protection, storage services, cleaning of your old home with small quick repair, etc.

Charter Van Lines brings you tailor-made solutions that help you to move with confidence.  Items classified as fragile or delicate, such as a chandelier, china, and canvas, are sheltered in custom-made wooden crates. The inner walls of these are lined with foam, padded paper or silk. Their rigidity helps protect objects from crushing.

We offer flexible and temporary storage of furniture in the home and office. Ideal for renovations, when moving abroad or in a smaller home. The furniture storage solution is offered in combination with your move.


Assembling and installation of certain furniture items


Here our trained staff take over the disassembly and reassembly of the furniture such as (wardrobe, bed, wall unit), these are rebuilt at the point of entry and in your desired location. Our trained team handles the dismantling and construction of furniture, rooms and appliances.  This includes all connections and adjustments we are equipped to handle ourselves.

Before loading, the professionals protect their furniture and other inventory with special protective foam, fabric and bubble.  This is done to prevent damage to the furniture during transport. In the moving vehicle, your furniture and belongings are again secured with furniture covers and seat belts.


Unpacking services


At your destination, the movers can unpack anything and everything- to the smallest trinket you own!  This may not be the moving package you want, but if you do, we do not object.  We do this all the time!

Dishes, clothes, picture frames … All your things are put back in their original, new place, up to the remote control on the coffee table in the living room.


Charter Van Lines adapts to your situation and your budget. Your wants are never too much for us!  The organization of a move can be very time-consuming. Between administrative procedures and preparations, it is not uncommon to get tired and make mistakes. Calling a professional moving expert is not necessarily more expensive, especially when you move a long distance. With a specialist such as ourselves, your move is in good handles and the help will be appreciated!

Charter Van Lines

Offering professional packing services for your interstate relocation

Charter Van Lines is well known for reliable home and commercial moving services.  We take pride in our reputation and positive customer feedback, and we want to make your interstate relocation seamless.  Finding trustworthy and professional full service movers can often be challenging.  But we at Charter Van Lines are trained professionals who are truly excited to help!

Whatever your situation or budget, we can tailor your moving experience to meet your needs.  Our full service options can’t be beat!  Call Charter Van Lines today!  We look forward to assisting with your full service move and making it a wonderful experience.

2018 Guide

How to Efficiently Pack for Your Long Distance Relocation

We all know that moving is one of the most difficult tasks.  With the right preparation and moving supplies the whole process can be extremely smooth and stress free. Having the right moving supplies ensures a smooth moving experience, saves time and protects your belongings during the move.

  1. When relocating, the bulkiness of the overall shipment will escalate your moving costs. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of unwanted stuff. Having fewer items to move will help you save money.
  2. It is also a good idea to start packing items you may not need for the period before the move.
  3. If you have young kids and pets, hire someone to look after them on the day of moving. This will ensure you are not distracted from the tasks at hand.
  4. Make sure your furniture will fit through your doorways. This will save you unnecessary headache on the moving day.
  5. Don’t forget to schedule the disconnection of utilities such as TV, electricity and water.


The basic moving supplies you need are the right boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, box reinforcements and bins. Specialty moving boxes come in handy in transporting fragile items, such as TVs, fine art, dishes, and aquariums. Bubble wrap is wrapped around fragile items for protection against breakage.


These bags come in handy when keeping small items together.


Labeling your boxes ensures the whole process of packing and unpacking is easy and stress-free. To make it even easier, it is advisable to label boxes going to the same room in one color. This way, it becomes easy to identify which boxes need to go to particular rooms when unloading.


This is the most ideal bag for moving as it has unique features. With a newly improved design, this bag is tear and puncture resistant hence it can withstand rough handling during the moving process. Secondly, it is customized to open into 3D shape so that it can fit your mattress effortlessly. It features a rather shaded layer that camouflages any stains that may be on your mattress. It is also designed to keep out moisture, dust and pests.


This kit contains a perfect mix of professional-grade and certified boxes for an easy move. It comes with 5 small moving boxes, 5 large moving boxes, 20 medium-size moving boxes, one roll of tape and a black marker. The different sizes of boxes are used to pack items of various sizes. These boxes are of the highest quality, tried and tested, and recommended by professional movers.