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Turn key Office Relocation Services for our Valued Corporate Customers

Office relocation is a highly specialized job.  It requires awareness of our customers’ professional needs as well as a great deal of planning and organization.  As a full service moving provider, we understand the importance in moving your business efficiently and economically.

Charter Van Lines is a commercial moving expert.  We coordinate thousands of office moves every year and look forward to assisting with your business relocation.  Our commercial movers are carefully vetted and highly skilled.  We offer custom packages to assist with all of your corporate relocation needs.

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Charter Van Lines will coordinate an easy office relocation.  You can relax while we take care of your corporate move.

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Charter Van Lines offers turn key office solutions to handle your commercial move.

commercial relocation

Charter Van Lines uses carefully vetted movers for your commercial relocation.


Charter Van Lines is your office relocation expert.  We will assist you with your interstate business move and get you up and running in no time!

Are you stressing about your corporate move?  Don’t worry.  We understand.  Charter Van Lines handles commercial relocation projects daily.  We are the experts who will help!

If you have valuable equipment and business items that need to be transported to your new office space, that’s fine.  Our carefully vetted commercial moving team is experienced.  We would love to help you with your corporate moving project.

Hiring commercial movers is an important task.  It’s essential to choose a team that is an expert in the industry and understands the job.  With Charter Van Lines you can expect nothing less than excellence.  We know how important your business is.  We take pride in our work and are the team for the job!  Our affordable office moving packages can be customized to fit your needs.  Call Charter Van Lines today for a free quote for your move!

Charter Van Lines

Excellence in Interstate Business Relocation Services

Charter Van Lines is well known for reliable commercial moving services.  We take pride in your business needs and want to make your corporate move as easy as possible.  Finding a company specialized in office and commercial relocation services is very important.  Charter Van Lines has an expert team that is dedicated to your professional relocation needs.

Whether we move your office from one place to another or assist with an employee relocation, our specialized team can handle the job.  We perform thousands of moves every year.  Many of them being office and corporate relocations.

Choosing Charter Van Lines will ensure that your business can get back to business on time.  Call us today for more information on office relocation packages!

Steps to Relocating Your Business or Office Space

An office relocation and moving offices can be intimidating. However, if you do a few things differently, your experience can be flawless and fruitful.

By breaking down tasks into simple steps you can make your office move more time efficient and economical. In this article, we are going to look at the various steps that you need to follow so as to make your office relocation successful.


Before you decide on relocation, it is important to assess the intention of the move. Is it a lease break, expiry of the lease, planned growth or contraction? Whatever the case, a strong decision and goal needs to be made, which will form the whole planning process. The intention of the move and motive of the relocation are some of the factors to look at before you go on with the plan.



After you arrive at the need for the relocation, you need to have a clear understanding of the basic operational requirements. Having a clear thought about the requirement of your new office will not only save time but will also enable the moving to be smooth and hassle-free. For instance, you must have an idea and a consensus of where you want to move, how much space you need, your business objectives, desired key features in the new office and so on.



An office relocation is a serious undertaking and so a collaborative project team is mandatory for a successful outcome. The group should consist of internal members as well as external members that can help with the bulk of the work. In addition, a trusted project team leader should be appointed. He or she should be capable of facilitating a triumphant move.



There is a lot to be done throughout the experience, and hence the earlier you start, the better to achieve the move faster. It is advisable to allocate a little more time than the expected time, to give room for any unexpected occurring that may cause a kind of delay. The project leader should be the first to arrive at the scene of moving to start supervising the work from the onset.  You should make sure that the budget is in place to avoid delays that can be brought about by money issues.



Above all, engaging the right professional commercial movers will make your work much easier.  Your professional office relocation team will have the first-hand knowledge and experience. Hiring corporate movers who are specialized in commercial relocation will ensure a good moving experience.

Taking the time to plan a well thought out move is crucial. Follow the plan while at the same time understanding that you will need to be flexible for contingencies. Get a move team in place who is enthusiastic and ready to tackle the project. Don’t do it alone if you really want to succeed!  If you follow the above steps then you office relocation will be both successful and cost friendly.