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Moving and Storage Services for your out of state move!

Charter Van Lines offers moving and storage services for your residential, corporate, or vehicular relocation.  We offer custom packages to make your moving experience affordable, comfortable, and efficient.  We are an interstate relocation provider. Our services have been recognized on a national level.  We truly look forward to creating the best possible move experience for you new interstate transition!

Relocation Options and Storage Solutions Include:

moving and storage services


Our residential moving services are professional and affordable.  Whether a small job or larger home move, we will be there every step of the way

Charter Van Lines moving and storage


Our corporate moving packages take everything into consideration.  Your company, employees, and equipment are in excellent hands with our expert movers.

interstate moving and packing/storage services


Shipping a car or vehicle can be a huge production.  Charter Van Lines only hires first class vehicular movers for the interstate transport of your automobile.

Our Promise to You

#1 in Moving Services and Storage Solutions for your relocation!

It is our mission to provide quality relocation services to all of our customers. Our moving and storage services are the best in the industry.  We are a #1 national moving service provider.  We take pride in our reputation.

Our moving team is carefully vetted for each project.  Our team of experts can handle your interstate move and looks forward to helping you!

Our moving services are top of the line.  Just ask our satisfied customers or look at our reviews!  Our customers say it all.  We are a professional and trusted relocation expert looking forward to handling your move!




Renting a truck to transport your valuables may seem the most viable option, but it is not. Moving is a sensitive situation and requires experts to guarantee efficiency, safety and speed. Renting a truck only gives you access to an efficient means of transport to your new residence. However, moving does not only demand proper transportation. It involves many other factors.

Some of the things to be considered in a home move are proper packing of belongings and furniture, careful loading and unloading, and maintenance of items at the designated locations of the new home.

Professional moving and storage services eliminate the hassle of moving. They make sure that long-distance residential moves do not have to be stressful for you. They have the experience, professionalism and resources to make sure that the entire process is done in the way you want and with the greatest precision.

Experienced moving companies have a variety of moving options and affordable moving plans to ensure your move is within your budget.  Residential moving services help you have complete control of your relocation, even when others manage the show.

You can decide on the level of participation you want Charter Van Lines to have in your move.  We offer customized moving packages based on your specific needs.

Charter Van Lines can carry out all or part of your interstate relocation.  We can pack up your items, load them in the truck, unload them and assemble them in their new destination and organize the appropriate mode of transport. Charter Van Lines can provide access and suggestions to obtain proper supplies for your relocation.




When we think about relocation for the first time, it reminds us of a huge obstacle we need to conquer. Also, moving is something we intuitively would like to avoid. It is a very tedious task because it requires a lot of time to pack and move.


However, Charter Van Lines’s Corporate Relocation Services are here to help you with the tedious task of moving.  We will eliminate the packing and moving work.

The purpose of a commercial relocation could be anything.  We’ve handled it all.  We are the experts.  Whether you are being relocated for a job or whether you business and office equipment is being transported to another location.

Charter Van Lines’s corporate relocation services will handle it all. We are the experts for your commercial relocation.  Our moving and storage services are professional and reliable.  We are here to handle any of your relocation needs.

Corporate relocation services have been a high priority for us.   Our corporate moving clients often need to relocate for professional opportunity.  Many of our clients need to relocate businesses and set up shop in different locations.  Our moving and storage corporate relocation packages are perfect for our moving customers.



Relocating anywhere can be a stressful experience at best.   Leaving the state can be even more stressful. There is so much planning involved that it can be confusing unless you consider full-service options for your move.

Our full-service options are moving services offered by experts to handle all aspects of a move on your behalf. Because full-service options can handle everything, such as packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking, cleaning, and rearranging your new home, you can handle other important tasks, such as your home.

It is known that moving agents are licensed professionals who can also offer you the right to ensure your valuables and objects against unforeseen events during the transfer. The total cost of what you pay for these moves to manage all of your relocations needs also pays for the effort, time and stress that you and your family can save.  It is better to use a full-service professional moving company.

By researching and planning in advance, it is possible to obtain a very competitive estimate. A company like ours has a lot of experience in packaging the right amount of items in boxes and managing delicate furniture.

Of course, if you want something to be sent to the company’s memory, you must do it separately the day before, so you do not have to worry about confusion. On the other hand, you can be present on the day when the moving agents come packing and moving everything and indicating what needs to move to the storage area for a period of your choice. It is strongly recommended that you be present on the day the movers begin the process in order to have an overview of the inventory taking. If you can not come for any reason, you should consider asking a friend or relative to come to your home.



Charter Van Lines utilizes storage facilities for our interstate moving customers. Our storage units are ideal for those who need to use a warehouse before moving into their new home.

Charter Van Lines’s facilities also offer packaging materials and other resources for moving in the best condition as is possible. This is not only convenient but it also gives the owner the time and space initially after their move.  It’s often necessary for our customers new homes to be properly renovated. This allows the workers to have enough space to move freely and do their work correctly. This is one of many moving and storage services Charter Van Lines offers.


Reserve a date for your long distance move to ensure mover availability in your location.  Charter Van Lines is an interstate moving provider.

Get an Instant Quote for your long distance relocation.  Receive a 10% discount by using Charter Van Lines.

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