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Getting Long Distance Quotes Prior to your Move


It’s important to ask your movers for long distance quotes prior to your move.  Many of us have to move our living place or office for various reasons. You may move from one place to another due to a job relocation or maybe you are moving for financial reasons. Arranging a move on your own is difficult and can be a hassle.

There are a lot of moving companies out there to assist you in your relocation and make your move easier. Moving with a reputable service that can provide long distance quotes for your relocation will ease your stress.  Doing this beforehand will drive you toward a better moving plan.


In the situation of an interstate relocation, it is more difficult to plan on your own. Moving companies can offer you excellent service packages for your relocation. These special offers should include benefits from the beginning to the end of your move. You will get a perfect plan for your move which will include packing, trucking and labor.

You should always receive your long distance estimate from a customer service representative prior to you move. It’s possible that the cost could go up slightly if the estimate has been given over the phone.  For an accurate long distance quote you will need an in-person estimate.


You should expect a higher cost moving cross country or a longer distance. Many home moving companies offer service packages that will cover all of your bases during the long distance move process.  You should ask about their price offerings when you call for your initial consultation and long distance relocation quote.


In the situation of a long distance relocation, it’s very important to get an accurate long distance quote prior to your move.


Long Distance Moving Costs 

In order to get an accurate moving quote for your long distance relocation, you will need to know the basics of your move.  What will be the distance from your old location to your relocation destination?  What is the size of the household or office that is moving?  These are two important questions you should know the answer to prior to calling for any long distance estimate.


According to statistics, it costs around $ 2300 to $ 4300 for an interstate move. Obviously, the longer the distance of the move, the higher the cost.


Getting a Few Long Distance Quotes

You might get free long distance quotes for your moving from the service providers you plan to use or from a moving cost calculator online. You may get charged in different ways depending on the company and the size of the move.  For example, different things are calculated in different ways.  Gas mileage will be taken into consideration just as the weight of your belongings to be moved.


If you are using a moving cost calculator, simply put your details in the calculator and get your quote. But this, by itself, is not enough. You must consider some key factors while selecting a mover. In the United States, thousands of moves are being performed every day. Selecting a quality mover is an important step towards your move. As we stated earlier, moving a longer distance is more costly than moving locally. But you must make sure that you are getting the best quality of service in the quoted cost.


Things to Look For


Your moving company should have a proper license.  This is really important for your safety that your service provider has proper licensing and permission to relocate people within all the sectors as a moving company.


Packaging Costs and Other Fees


You might save a considerable amount and lower your long distance moving estimate if you pack all your belongings. But it is good to have packaging services provided by the movers. You should be with them while they are packing your belongings. Make sure to discuss your quote to avoid extra charges.



Make sure not pay a huge amount before your move is complete if possible.  It’s an excellent idea to hire a mover who is referred by a friend or someone you trust.




Make sure your chosen movers take responsibility for your belongings and move them safely. There are different types of insurance you can choose from prior to your relocation. Go with the type that fits what is right for you. All good service providers make an inventory of your belongings.


Long Distance Quotes

Some estimates will allow for movers to charge you extra if you request any extra service. Make it clear in the beginning what you are getting in the quoted price.


Besides these facts, experience and expertise of the mover plays an important role for your long distance move. Get a great deal for your long distance move by choosing the right service provider.


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